Thursday, December 15, 2005

To Worship or not to Worship...

What is the world coming to? Even the New York Times is dismayed at the fact that some churches have decided not to have services on Sunday since Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year. A lot of folk are up in arms about this, suggesting that these churches have given in to the commercialization of Christmas.

I have to admit that I quickly jumped on that bandwagon. I was shocked and appalled that a church would cancel services because the regular day of worship coincided with a holiday – especially when that holiday was Christmas! I have read many of the articles and blogs on the matter. I have received more than my share of emails. It seems there are folk who felt the fabric of our society is threatened because churches, especially large churches, are forgoing worship services on Christmas Day.

I am still not sure I can make sense of it, but I have come to this realization: everything in the world does not have to pass muster with my own personal preferences and understanding. Dare I declare apostate those who refuse to gather on Sunday, December 25th? Not a chance. Ought I give my brothers and sisters the benefit of the doubt that they have thought through the issues and have made a careful and thoughtful decision that takes into account they people they serve? Would I not expect that consideration of them?

Even if we cannot pull together “Peace on Earth” or “Goodwill to all” this Christmas Season, do you suppose we could at least take the day off from criticizing and condemning one another?


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Brad Alexander said...

I am with you on this steve! the other day a couple of my friends asked me why my dad was having services on sunday and I said of course because what if someone needed to heard the message of the first christmas gift. So, im with you on this. Nice work man! I dont know if you remember be, but my brother is David Alexander and my dad is Mike. David of course you know is at Mansfield and my dad is at Corsicana. Nice work though.

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Scott McKay said...

It seems funny to me that some would cancel church because of Christmas falling on Sunday while other traditions have church on Christmas morning regardless of the day of the week it falls.


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