Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Just when you thought it was safe to impose democracy on a nation….

With the Iraqi election tomorrow, security is high. I heard a report this morning that a truck had been stopped in Iraq trying to smuggle false ballots into the country on the eve of their historic election. The truck had crossed the border from Iran.

Who do those Iranians think they are meddling in a sovereign state’s election? This isn’t the first report I have heard; I am sure you are aware of others, too. Iran has been trying to influence and manipulate the direction Iraq moves for years.

Can you imagine a nation doing that? What does sovereignty mean if not that a people has a right to self-determination? How can a nation be expected to survive, much less become the nation we want them to become of there are other nations out there trying to influence them?

Do you get the irony of ANY American complaining about things like this?


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