Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hangers On?

Can I share a problem with you? I know; this time of year we don't want to think about problems. We just want to think about getting everything done so when Christmas day gets here we can all join with family and friends and act happy.

As I emptied the dryer this morning, I was once again confronted with the fact that I have more shirts than hangers. Since I don't ordinarily have all my shirts clean at the same time, it is not usually a problem. Today; though, all my shirts are clean. For right now, some of them are laid over the back of a chair instead of being hung up. Please don't tell my mom.

Like I have many times before, I made a mental note to buy some hangers. (I wonder where I have left all those other mental notes?) Then, it happened. One of those radical thoughts I only like when it calls for someone else to change!

I realized that I have shirts I haven't worn in over a year. Even so, I keep them, hung nicely in my too-large closet.

What if, instead of getting more hangers, I gave away some shirts?


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