Tuesday, May 02, 2006

They Are All Jesus

Someone once asked Mother Teresa how she had the strength to love so many people. She replied that she loved them all because they are all Jesus.

Jesus told a story about the Kingdom of God that has the King separating people on the basis of how they treated him. Some, he said, fed him when he was hungry, visited him when he was sick or in prison, clothed him when he needed clothes. Others did not.

The ones who had taken care of the King hadn’t realized they did anything for him. Those who had not also did not realize they had skipped opportunities to help the King. Who wouldn’t help a King in need?

The King clarified. “Whenever you showed compassion on anyone, the least of all people, you showed compassion on me. Whenever you ignored or avoided them, you ignored or avoided me.”

They are all Jesus.

Our Church has just wound up a month of a food drive. We got word the food pantry here in McGregor was nearly empty. This was simply unacceptable.

Our Outreach Team created and oversaw the food drive. We had competition between Sunday School Classes. We placed tubs throughout the church in which people could deposit food gifts.

I thought about food drives I’d done before. I always contribute something because I always have plenty of canned food in my house that I will never use. Some of it I bought because it was on sale. Some of it I buy because I have dreams of becoming a cook. Some of it I buy, it would seem, simply to sit on a shelf.

That’s the stuff I used to offer to food drives. After all, people who might need a hand now and then ought to be thankful there is a food pantry. They shouldn’t be too picky about what kind of food is available, right?

If Jesus were the recipient of your “generosity” in a food drive, would it make a difference?


At 7:10 AM, Blogger James Fletcher Baxter said...

The missing element in every human 'solution' is
an accurate definition of the creature.

The way we define 'human' determines our view
of self, others, relationships, institutions, life, and
future. Important? Only the Creator who made us
in His own image is qualified to define us accurately.
Choose wisely...there are results.

Many problems in human experience are the result of
false and inaccurate definitions of humankind premised
in man-made religions and humanistic philosophies.

Each individual human being possesses a unique, highly
developed, and sensitive perception of diversity. Thus
aware, man is endowed with a natural capability for enact-
ing internal mental and external physical selectivity.
Quantitative and qualitative choice-making thus lends
itself as the superior basis of an active intelligence.

Human is earth's Choicemaker. His title describes
his definitive and typifying characteristic. Recall
that his other features are but vehicles of experi-
ence intent on the development of perceptive
awareness and the following acts of decision and
choice. Note that the products of man cannot define
him for they are the fruit of the discerning choice-
making process and include the cognition of self,
the utility of experience, the development of value-
measuring systems and language, and the accultur-
ation of civilization.

The arts and the sciences of man, as with his habits,
customs, and traditions, are the creative harvest of
his perceptive and selective powers. Creativity, the
creative process, is a choice-making process. His
articles, constructs, and commodities, however
marvelous to behold, deserve neither awe nor idol-
atry, for man, not his contrivance, is earth's own
highest expression of the creative process.

Human is earth's Choicemaker. The sublime and
significant act of choosing is, itself, the Archimedean
fulcrum upon which man levers and redirects the
forces of cause and effect to an elected level of qual-
ity and diversity. Further, it orients him toward a
natural environmental opportunity, freedom, and
bestows earth's title, The Choicemaker, on his
singular and plural brow.

Human is earth's Choicemaker. Psalm 25:12 He is by
nature and nature's God a creature of Choice - and of
Criteria. Psalm 119:30,173 His unique and definitive
characteristic is, and of Right ought to be, the natural
foundation of his environments, institutions, and re-
spectful relations to his fellow-man. Thus, he is orien-
ted to a Freedom whose roots are in the Order of the

Let us proclaim it. Behold!
The Season of Generation-Choicemaker Joel 3:14 KJV


At 6:36 AM, Blogger see-through faith said...

yep I'd leave more chocolate : fresh bread and wine :)

there's nothing wrong with clearing out pantries - because we do hoard and buy stuff we don't need - but my thought on this is for every donation that way there should be an equal gift - something extravagent is always appreciated :)

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Michael said...

I have found myself too often buying the generic brands to offer to the food pantries when I would clearly prefer the name brand for my own shelf, reasoning that "beggars can't be choosers". How utterly un-Christlike of me.

If Jesus were to be the recipient of my gifts, of course they would be more than I could even afford!

At 1:26 PM, Blogger DannyG said...

I don't see the problem with generics, per se. Especially if you can get 2 of a house brand for the same price as a name brand item. Our church maintains its own food bank and we have a weekly "bring one" item which rotates over a 2 month cycle in order to keep the pantry stocked. In addition I personally pick up one item extra for the food bank every time I go into a grocery store, above and beyond the "bring one" item. I figure that, in this circumstance, the more the better. (besides, I lived on house brands thru college & grad school!)

At 6:17 PM, Blogger Michael said...

The only problem with generic brands is the one in which I would refuse to buy it for myself, but I would consider it "good enough" for someone else. I agree there is nothing wrong with generic brands because there is more for the money, but how much of a "sacrifice" can I be making - as in giving of myself - if I will only be as generous as my personal comfort will allow?


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