Tuesday, March 07, 2006

OMG! what now?

Since my Tuesdays begin with a group study at 5:30 am, if I am to hit the gym on Tuesdays I do so during the lunch hour. As I changed clothes to get ready for my workout, I realized I had not matched my socks early this morning.

Since I theologize everything, I couldn't help but wonder: why did God have me wear mismatched socks all morning? What was God's plan for that?

Ok, honestly, I really didn't examine the metaphysical or theological implications of my wearing socks that don't match. But I am concerned that some of you would think that way.

You very likely won't admit that you would ponder prayerfully over sock selection, but an awful lot of us Christians seem to think we are or ought to be robotized when it comes to those important "spiritual" matters. Many of us apparently think that God decides our careers, our lifestyles, and especially our mates, why wouldn't God be interested in choosing my socks.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Richard H said...

I can imagine that for evangelists (i.e., Christians), there might be an advantage to wearing mismatched socks on a regular basis. It can be a fairly non-threatening way to stand out from the crowd and generate a conversation or two. ;-)

At 8:53 PM, Blogger J. Scott McKay said...

I remember noticing my mismatched socks on a Sunday morning when I sat down to do the children's sermon. Nothing felt right the rest of the hour.

I don't know why bad socks happen to good people.


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