Monday, February 06, 2006

How old is old?

Did you catch the Rolling Stones' halftime show? While I am impressed that Mick and the boys are still in shape to do what they do, watching the show with some of my youth brought it all into perspective for me.

Halfway through their opening "Start me up," one of my junior high youth asked what the song was. I gave her the name of the song then started to ask if she didn't remember all the commotion of the roll-out of Windows 95, which was tagged to this song.

"Start me up" was released on the Tattoo You album in 1981, but may be more famous lately for its link to the Windows revolution that was Windows 95.

This youth, though, was only 4 at the time of that Operating System's release.


At 6:07 PM, Anonymous johnny brower said...

i think the phrase "rolling stone" is a new slang for old.
example: if i were to see a sixty-ish person dressed and acting like he/she is still thirty, i would say, "hey, check out the 'rolling stone'!"

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous mariner said...

Doncha just love it. I had a woodworking project to do and told my daughter (16) i needed to get a router.
Her response "what's wrong with the one you just bought?" She was, of course, refering to the Linksys router i just bought for my computers!


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