Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Vacation is over

As all you parents with children still at home know, school is back in session! This means life is back to a more normal routine. The world doesn’t take the summer off just because school is out, but it seems things change for all of us.

The start of the school year serves much like the start of the calendar year; it is an opportunity to evaluate our lives and make decisions and changes. Sure, you can decide to change things any time of the year, but when major change is happening around us, we can gain some momentum.

As the new school year gets rolling, I want to encourage you to consider your relationship with God. Have you been hearing from God lately? Have you noticed that he is at work in the world around you?

You may have been wondering lately if God took a summer vacation. When difficulty hits our lives, we often feel that way. I know some of you have had rough summers. I assure you from both knowledge and experience, God has not taken a vacation; He is with you. Now, more than ever, God wants you to know the comfort that comes from having a relationship with him.

Our mission as a congregation is to glorify God and bring people to Christ. We accomplish both of these things as we get to know God better ourselves.

Last Sunday I preached on reading the Bible. The Bible is full of grace and truth. It is the story of the God who created us wanting you to know Him personally. This Sunday I will be preaching on prayer. Prayer is communicating with God. Don’t wait till Sunday! Tell God today that you want a relationship with him, or that you want a deeper relationship with him.

I guarantee He is listening!


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