Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Does Spirituality come easy to you?

Do you wonder why it seems some people have more of a spiritual connection than others? I don’t mean that other people are more religious than you are, but that some, it seems, are more comfortable and confident with the things of God.

I have a couple of fruitless mulberry trees in my yard. They are fast growing trees that provide quite a bit of shade. I’ve already had to trim them twice this year they are so fast growing.

There are two traits of fruitless mulberry trees that stand out for me, one of which is relevant to the question I opened with. The other is that they tend to grow with quite a bit of their root structure exposed.

The significant trait for now, though, is the variety of leaf sizes. The leaves on the top and outer reaches of the limbs are relatively small compared with the leaves underneath the canopy of the tree. Lower leaves may be twice the size of outer and upper leaves.

My guess is this is because the purpose of leaves is to soak up sun, and by the process of photosynthesis, turn it into energy for the tree to grow. Lower leaves do not get as much direct sunlight, thus to accomplish the same task, they must be larger.

Paul writes in Romans that each of us is given a measure of faith. Our God would not leave anyone without enough faith, so while each person’s measure is different, everyone has enough.

Some of us are like the lower leaves on fruitless mulberry trees, though. Some of us spiritually are the upper leaves, easily accepting the Son’s energy, while others are like the lower leaves, taking more effort, and perhaps more time, but nevertheless accepting what the Son has to offer.


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