Thursday, October 20, 2005


Time was running out and I just could not make it work.  I was setting up to present a program on prayer.  I had spent the afternoon going over my notes, praying for our time together that evening, and preparing a Powerpoint© presentation to aid my program.  Now, as the women were gathering, I felt a bit rushed to get all the technology set up.
For some reason I could not figure out, the laptop refused to send a signal to the video projector.  I tried over and over again the simple steps I had always used.  At the height of my frustration I rebooted the computer, hoping that would clear up the problem.
It had worked the last time I needed it!  Only a couple of weeks ago I had a similar occasion to make a presentation, and everything went fine.  This time, though, minutes were flying by.  Those gathering for the program were being friendly, and, frankly, I am not sure how friendly I was in return.  It HAD to work!
Sometimes at this point in things I stop just long enough to mutter a prayer something like, “Okay, God, I need some help here!  This is supposed to work!  Make this work!  Please?”
As it was about time for me to be introduced, I just happened to notice that the cable plugged into the back of the projector was not also plugged into the laptop.
While I have no doubt God could have made the laptop and projector communicate wirelessly and cover for my ineptitude, the appropriate action at the moment was mine, not God’s.
Sometimes we are so easily distracted with busyness we can lose sight of the little things, seemingly simple actions that make the big picture come together.  In the midst of our distraction we easily turn to “god the vending machine” hoping for a quick fix from heaven.  Usually the fix is up to us getting our attention in the right place.


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